Videos from the Event

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Protected: Dr. Randall Pinkett

Protected: Tawanna Black & Melvin Carter

Protected: Regional Panel

Protected: Dr. George Fraser

Protected: Dr. Pamela Jolly, Dr. George Fraser & Jaylen D. Bledsoe

Protected: Barry Thomas & Tawanna Black

Protected: Dr. Pamela Jolly, Jonathan Chapman, David Stevens & Bridget Hadley

Protected: Dr. Randall Pinkett, Dr. Chris Whitt, Dr. Sheritta Strong & LaKeisha Gatson-Dunham

Protected: Martin Williams, BC Clark & Candice Price

Protected: Blackledge, Robertson, Kotouc

Protected: Austin, Sedky, Elkins, Mansaray

Protected: John Beasley

Protected: George Fraser

Protected: 2020 AALC FR Evans Daniels